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On this bonus interview episode of Neocash Radio JJ talks with Dr Julian Hosp about TenX and COMIT. TenX is building a multi-blockchain debit card and mobile wallet that currently works with Bitcoin, DASH, Ether, and ERC20 tokens. COMIT is a Cryptographically-secure Off-chain Multi-asset Instant Transaction network that leverages Hashed Time Lock Contracts, Payment channels, and Liquidity Providers to create a decentralized network of cross-chain asset conversion. The TenX roadmap features COMIT integration within a couple years.


On June 24th TenX will be having an Initial Token Sale where 51% of the PAY tokens will sold to the public at a rate of 350 PAY tokens per 1 ETH with cap of 200,000 ETH. The Initial Token Sale will last 4 weeks or until the cap is reached.


My goal is for this to be a primer on TenX and COMIT with hopes that we may continue this conversation in the future.


Click here to learn more about TenX


Click here to read the TenX Whitepaper


Click here to learn more about COMIT


Click here to read the COMIT whitepaper


To participate in the Pre-sale contact Julian at


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