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Episode 54-- Taper, Yuan, and Bitcoin price rise (oh my)

The Federal Open Monetary Committee continues to taper. Chinese yuan/Russian ruble is used to settle trades. Roger Ver offers a bounty to catch a hacker who was attacking him. The bitcoin price up over 20% this week. Bitcoin interest in Estonia and other countries. Coinotron has around 50% of litecoin hashing power.

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Neocash Radio Episode 53

Darren is in the studio and JJ joins the podcast from the road. Darren covers the traditional markets. Toshiba partners with BitPay to offer bitcoin on the VisualTouch Point of Sale software. The Bitcoin Foundation sees members quit over the vote to elevate Brock Pierce to the top position. Gavin Andresen talks about how the blocks in Bitcoin's blockchain need to grow rather than simply raising the transaction fee requirement.  

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Neocash Radio episode 52

Venezuelan economic woes come to a head with food rations.  Russia aims to charge Visa and Mastercard $3.8 billion dollars to do business in Russia, in response to Visa and Mastercard not servicing Russian banks.  Several new merchants accept bitcoin including Cheapair expanding the products it offers for bitcoin. 

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Darren is in the studio while JJ skypes from the road! Bitcoin anonymity is more robust with the new Dark Wallet. The Department of Defense wants analysis as to whether the Bitcoin protocol is a terrorist threat. A new bitcoin start-up in China is bringing Bitcoin ATMs to the masses and finding ways around the bank bans. Argentina's residents are adopting bitcoin faster than most other countries as the Peso plummets. Josh Wise finishes 20th at the Talladega 499 in the Dogecoin car.

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