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Gold Mine being sold for 3200 BTC in Canada. U.S. Median Household wealth has gone down since 2003. Ethereum starts Ether Pre-sale and buyer beware. South Korea and India look to start policies similar to the United States. Ecuador bans bitcoin and looks to start their own currency. Barry Silbert leaves Second Market to focus on Bitcoin ventures. Bitcoin Space opens in Buenos Aires to gather enthusiasts.

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Neocash Radio Episode 61

Dell to accept bitcoin. BitLicense is being talked about as a means of making bitcoin “safe”. China based OKcoin, Bitcoin exchange, to accept dollar deposits once again. INNCoin.  A look at the economic and environmental costs of the Bitcoin network relative to traditional markets.

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Neocash Radio Episode 60

Darren is in the studio with Elizabeth. JJ joins us via Skype from the road.  BlackCoin and Proof of Stake. BlackHalo/BitHalo offering a decentralized solutions. International news including Mexico, Bulgaria, and the BRICS nations. Coinbase enabling automated discounts.

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Neocash Radio Episode 59

Darren is in the studio and JJ joins the show from the road. Darren talks about his experience at PorcFest and how bitcoin was once again a major currency for buying products and services. Also CEO Patrick Byrne gave a keynote speech at the event and later announced on Free Talk Live his desire to give special deals to vendors that accept payment in bitcoin as well as possibly paying his employees in bitcoin. Venture Capitalist Tim Draper wins the US Marshall Auction for seized Silk Road funds. There ain’t no such thing as an ASIC resistant mining algorithim. Chicago Sun Times makes history. Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF moved forward. Both Coinbase and BitPay are offering enhanced security features. NewEgg accepts bitcoin.

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