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Court cast against MIT students who won coding contest. Federal Trade Commission brings fraud case against Butterfly Labs. Dogecoin hashrate and price on the rise after the merged mining with Litecoin. Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act.

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Scottish independence vote falls short. Japan's central banks and easy money. Shoplifting in the United States is on the rise. Bitcoin is taking off in the Philippines. Apple restricts more features to thwart alternative payments and currencies.

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Neocash Radio Episode 69

New Hampshire State Senate candidate George Lambert is in studio. Alt-coin prices are on the rise again. Venezuela monetary inflation estimated to be over 63%. HeliosCard is a debit card that can send digital signatures. is hiring bitcoin developers.

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Darren talks about his recent experience with Linux. Apple iCloud hacked and celebrity photos stolen. Dogecoin and Litecoin accepted for airfare. BitLicenses in UK. The core principles of Bitcoin. Canada companies paying salaries in Bitcoin. Indonesia has more bitcoin options available now.

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