Neocash Radio
Episode 75

The European Central Bank puts euro-zone banks through a stress test. CNET creator Halsey Minor creates a Bitcoin reserve bank. China is back in the bitcoin news. Lamassu Bitcoin Ventures adds compliance features to their Bitcoin Machines. Sidechains and Blockstream create endless opportunities. Apple Pay compared to Bitcoin. The health of the Bitcoin community.

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Neocash Radio Episode 74

A round-up of the scandals that came to light this week. A Venezuela currency default predicted by Harvard has caused a drop in bond prices. La'Zooz offers a blockchain based solution to transportation services. The FBI wants in on the newest encryption used by phone developers, compromising the overall security. The Stock Market drops while talk of Quantitative Easing 4 is hitting the media. More news from the Isle of Mann!



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US and UK to test big bank collapse. Cosplay and the economy. Overstock to work with Counterparty to create a decentralized stock exchange. The Bearwhale, Price of Bitcoin, and mis-classification of investments. Home ownership and the pandemic of debt.

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Welcome to our listeners on the Liberty Radio Network! 400 European Banks are now able to allow direct bitcoin purchases. Two United States banks are now using the Ripple Transaction Protocol. JP Morgan Bank was hacked. Darren had a loved one get phished. Austrian Economics and the dollar collapse?

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