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Neocash Radio - Episode 92

Bitcoin involved muggings in New York.  Police sloppy with their computer security pay ransom.  Stripe now integrates bitcoin for merchants.  Robocoin allows conversion of regular ATMs to bitcoin ATMs.  Chicago taxi drivers strike because people prefer their competition.  NSA provides serious security flaw in most computer hard drives.  Bitcoin foundation elections.  Does bitcoin need faith?  Bitreserve adds Swiss Francs to their platform.  Greece gets a four month reprieve on their crippling debt.

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Neocash Radio - Episode 91

Let the Bit Drop event cancelled. Traditional Banks are hacked over a 3 year period. BTER, a Chinese bitcoin and altcoin exchange is hacked. MyCoin evaporates and investors complain to Hong Kong Police that they have been scammed. Amanda B Johnson would prefer to use bitcoin over fiat at nearly any price - why? 

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Neocash Radio - Episode 90

Ukraine's currency the Hryvnia lost 50% or its value this week and recovered slightly. Greece looks to end austerity measures. Coinbase's new exchanges sees users fall victim to a phishing attack. Twitter takes a stand for Free Speech against National Security Letters. Point-Counterpoint: 3 reasons Bitcoin is inherently flawed. We talk about Ziftr and ZiftrCoin.

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Neocash Radio - Bonus Content

Darren and JJ discuss any similarities that altcoins may have in common with ponzi schemes.  The new technology of bitcoin has paved the way to the existence of thousands of altcoins.  Most altcoins don't catch on.  Some are for fun.  But then some employ down right deceptive practices to pump them. 


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Neocash Radio - Episode 89

Russia cuts interest rates.  Father founds a kingdom for his little princess.  Cloud miner Cointerra goes bust.  Chinese exchange gets hacked of 1000 bitcoins.  Editorial by Amanda B Johnson critical of coinbase.  Is New York following in Venezuela’s footsteps?


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