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Neocash Radio - Episode 101

A Swiss bank not allowing withdrawals. More than a quarter of student loans being repaid are delinquent. Dogecoin co-founder leaves the crypto-community in a huff. Ripple is in hot water with both users and BitStamp. Greece is heading for a default and upset pensioners. The financial benefits of being beautiful.  

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Ian Freeman joins us in-studio to talk about the new bitcoin toy, New Hampshire, alternative currencies and liberty.  

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Neocash Radio - Episode 100

Special Guest Ian Freeman (Free Talk Live) joins us in studio. Oil storage is becoming limited while production clips right along. Bitcoin Bus tour starts in Keene, NH. Government Censorship is getting more extreme. China looks to make lending easie

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Neocash Radio - Episode 99

Australia says no to regulating bitcoin, Rand Paul is the first US Presidential Candidate to accept bitcoin for his campaign donations. Overstock is going big on the bitcoin train. PayPal merchants can now accept bitcoin. The Bitcoin Foundation is on the rocks. Police stations are having their files held for ransom. Turkey and Russia are censoring internet content.

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Neocash Radio - Episode 98

Massive corruption found with the silk road investigation on the part of government agents, an Executive order allegedly outlaws donations to Edward Snowden, Diane Feinstein wants the Anarchist Cookbook scrubbed from the internet. Turkey outlaws Wordpress altogether, student loan debt is causing a resistance movement and the bitcoin foundation may be bankrupt. And Much More!!!

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