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Neocash Radio - Episode 132

The bitcoin mining difficulty is going up. Whistle-blowers are having their bank accounts frozen. The new president of Argentina is good news for Bitcoin. The BitUnit conference happened in Ghana! News out of Europe included central bank interest rates and more Greek woes.

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Neocash Radio - Episode 131

ISIS does not have a bitcoin address worth $3 Million. European Union looks to slaughter individual rights after the attacks in Paris. Police in the United States take more property than robbers. Trump distracts the US with outrageous rhetoric. 

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Neocash Radio - Episode 130

UBS Chairman loves the blockchain, hates bitcoin. Gold buying spree in China and elsewhere as the price is down. Venezuela threatens hoarders with jail time as conditions worsen. Bitcoin: be your own bank. College education can't possibly be free, someone is going to pick up the tab. 

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JJ and Darren interview Christopher David in Studio about his open source project Trident.  Trident is used by the Free Uber Campaign. 

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Chris joins us in-studio, look for his interview on Wednesday. BIP 101 reaches consensus on the testnet. Reddit moderator looks to limit the discussion and ban Coinbase from r/bitcoin. McDonalds fries cost $133.00 each.Kim dotcom looks to build a private internet. Iran floods markets with oil. War in Syria and Russia's role in the Mideast. With the debt ceiling removed, the national debt jumps $500 Billion in a week.

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Neocash Radio - Episode 128

Darren gives us a recap of the Keenevention. The US debt ceiling was raised by a vote in the middle of the night... again. Australian banks balk at bitcoin due to criminal dangers. Venezuela wants to sue a website in US courts. Greek banks are under-capitalized. US banks are under-capitalized. 

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