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Neocash Radio Episode 153

Bitcoin NG white paper, Federal Reserve meeting next week, is QE4 on the horizon?  BTCC deploys more nodes,  ShapeShift hacked is it an inside job?

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Episode 152--Legal Conference and Brazil Prime Minister Impeached?

Lisa reports on a Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology National Institute conference out of Washington DC.  Brazilian prime minister might be impeached today.  IMF will try to spur more economic growth.  Can they really outlaw math?

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Neocash Radio - Episode  151

Open Bazaar Lead Back-end Developer Chris Pacia joins us in-studio to talk about OB and his viral video about the 1.4 Million dollar TSA app. The Panama Papers drop a bombshell on the elite. Senate Bill seeks to destroy strong encryption in the United States. Japan runs out of Bonds to sell.

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Neocash Radio - Episode 150

A Cornell study finds most of the network can handle 4MB blocks. Long-term bitcoin outlook shows a massive power requirement. Reddit and National Security Letters. Yuan overnight rate plummets to negatives in Hong Kong. Russia bans a board game because it makes communism look bad.

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