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Ep183: America’s Got Debt, Russia Loves Gold, Bitcoin Mempool Peaks, Trump Dumps TPP

U.S. national debt spirals out of control. Trump will quit the Trans-Pacific Partnership and have a hand in shaping the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors. Trump being in NYC is allegedly costing $1 million a day just in NYPD costs! Russia is buying up gold in a major way. The IRS wants to go fishing through Coinbase accounts. The Bitcoin Mempool is peaking just in time for the holidays. ChangeTip to shut down despite being popular. Overstock is set to sell the first stock shares over a blockchain. Ethereum fork number 4 is a success! Global gasoline demand likely peaking as electric cars become more popular and affordable. All this and more on episode 183 here on Wednesday November 23rd, 2016!


We’ve written out short overviews and provided links for the topics discussed on today’s show:


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 Ep182: Massive Android Backdoor, India Cash Crunch Chaos, Ethereum’s 4th Fork

Darren talks about his experience running for local office. India phasing out banknotes leads to much suffering. Secret Backdoor in millions of Android devices. U.S. Government looking to block Chinese acquisitions. John McAfee warns of the dangers of smartphone security impacting bitcoin use. Fake news loses advertising options. IRS agrees to cryptocurrency overhaul when they have the time/funding. Ethereum fork number 4 is coming.

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Ep181: Donald Trumps Clinton, the U.S. media is corrupt, LBRY CEO Jeremy Kauffman is in-studio

Donald Trump beats the corrupt U.S. media to win the presidency. Clinton Foundation received money from countries they knew were funding ISIS/ISIL. China is crumbling under its own weight. BTCC adds a USD/BTC trading platform to its exchange services. Bitmain is going to build a massive Bitcoin mining facility in China. Rumors about China studying way to limit Bitcoin transactions. Tesco Bank suffers a hack that effects 20,000 accounts. Alt-coins and their often brief lifespan. Arcade City founder Christopher David steps down. JJ and Randy talk to LBRY CEO Jeremy Kauffman.

All this and more on Neocash Radio episode 181 here on Wednesday November 9th, 2016!

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Ep180 All Eyes on Zcash Launch, Obama Administration Steals $5 Billion, Cell411 beats Arcade City

Iceland votes for more pirates! Signal has nothing to share with the FBI. New York wants to tell you how you can use your spare rooms. The Department of Health and Human Services is stealing according to the Government Accountability Office. Zcash launches with a bang. Zero-knowledge proofs and Ethereum. Arcade City Token sale. Cell411 beats Arcade city with a free, decentralized, ridesharing app. Bitcoin version 0.13.1 Seg-wit is awaiting the signal.

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