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Ep191: Project Alchemy Bridges Ethereum and Zcash, Israel Eyes Bitcoin Taxes, President Trump

Trump takes office and signs executive orders like they’re autographs. We discuss a letter from a listener. Bloomberg has a revealing article detailing how Deutsche Bank helped the world’s oldest bank Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena hide a 367 million euro gambling loss in 2008. Pedro talks about Project Alchemy, an effort to create a bridge between Zcash and Ethereum blockchains. We also talk about a bill in the Washington state Senate proposing to bar legal marijuana companies from using bitcoin and about how they are already denied bank access thanks to Federal policy. A draft of changes to Israeli tax code sees bitcoin users suffering a 25% capital gains tax and a 17% VAT. Some WhatsApp users are not taking the time to carefully configure security features. Abra bitcoin wallet app focuses on inter-currency exchange through local human ATMs called Tellers… Local Bitcoins just went International. Bots are good for trading but the real news is that Bloomberg bitcoin news coverage has matured. Ziftrcoin is no more.

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Editorial: Blockchains Will Become the DNA of Our Future Society

An Editorial from Co-Host JJ Epic!

Darren and I started Neocash Radio to talk about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies as our main focus. Talking about the future of money today. What we ended up talking about was the future of technology, the future of software development, and the future information security.


While on one hand you have a few ever growing corporate behemoths on the other hand you have an array of new innovations created by individuals. The old model and the new. The old model required the consolidation of resources due to the scarcity of those resources. The resources include people and equipment which made sense to pack closely together into localized hubs. The new model is a sea of individuals directed by their own desires and passion, each working on a very small piece of a much larger puzzle. Like individual cells in a larger organism.


Bitcoin and open source development have created a new kind of money. A currency controlled by a protocol and a distributed ledger -- a blockchain. Blockchains will become the DNA of our future society. A log of all the decisions made, the consequences, and the resulting sum. Using this technology for money was a master stroke. Now that the Blockchain is proven and widely adapted money will never be the same.


But it’s not really about money. It’s about the action created, the signal sent, and the time spent. Ultimately time is the only real currency. The rest are tokens for convenience. Or tokens of time, as in the hourly wage. What we are actually talking about the the future of humankind today, the future given the effect of the human actions created up to and including now. Whether sitting in front of a TV or driving a race car, in each case an action was created, a purchase was made, and time was spent.


With time, everybody starts out rich and ends up poor.   


With near-instant communication, open source development, blockchains, and the rise of peer-to-peer protocols humankind can more closely mimic a well known, durable, proven system: the human body or carbon based organisms in general.


Individuals working together like cells forming an organ, all part of a greater organism. The Blockchain is the critical component. Like DNA, everyone gets a copy and there is no need to trust someone else. You can trust the DNA.


The trust that comes from the Blockchain is a by-product of consensus. The nodes and miners build a block through consensus and the network verifies it. In mere seconds a decentralized open source protocol gets everyone to agree on the some thing. A feat no man could hope to accomplish. With a divergent spectrum of proven and emerging blockchains, the future of choosing the right blockchain for you might look like trying on shoes.


You can tune in every week for Neocash Radio where we talk about shoes! Just kidding, we will continue to discuss the future of money today and the dawning of the era of blockchains!


This has been a special Editorial from Co-Founder and Producer of Neocash Radio. Views expressed here represent only about one third of the shows views.

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Ep190: Chinese Debt Fallout, Nigerian Payroll Exorcism, Mexico’s Oil Subsidy Blowback

Mexico feels the blowback from flawed economic policies including a government oil monopoly and subsidies. The new Nigerian president is cleaning house by eliminating graft including 50,000 ghosts on the government payrolls. Chinese suffers from debt woes leading to a crackdown on capital flight, a censorship of the New York Times and a crumbling Yuan. Swarm City distances themselves from Arcade City founder Christopher David. Zcash published a video hyping up the security and techniques they used to create the cryptocurrency. Last weeks Monero price jump may have been caused by an announcement that they would be targeting the Chinese market. JJ and Darren discuss how an up-and-coming new cryptocurrency may end up eating Bitcoin’s lunch.

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Ep189: Swarm City Brand Fork, Coinbase Looks Beyond Bitcoin, History of 2016

Camo from cameras as a new fashion. Arcade City / Swarm City brand fork. Charlie Shrem’s latest project is Mainstreet Investments LP an investment fund and a waste management company. Coinbase is looking to diversify as Bitcoin’s future relies on core to be not core. We discuss the big stories of 2016 and the future evolution of the digital society.

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