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In this episode we talk at length about cryptocurrency trading and the perils that it could involve. Our show should not be considered investment advice to buy or sell or hold anything. The coming sea change will include a lot of success and at least some failure. Using the term “Investing” is a misnomer. Contributing to blockchain start-ups and projects ought to be better described as “Gambling”. We also talk about: The Brave Browser’s BAT token sells out in the space of 3 Ethereum blocks raising $36 Million in 24 seconds. Elevator Caps seem to be the new trend with token sales. The difference between Initial Coin Offering and Token Generation Event. This website keeps track of the success of tokens and coins against ETH and BTC. The Status Network might just be the glue that bonds the ethereum users, dapps, and more. Two massive chinese Bitcoin exchanges Huobi and OKCoin add Ethereum trading. The Ethereum Network has three times as many nodes as the Bitcoin network.

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This is the Crypto Market Report brought to you by Neocash Radio dot com.


Is Bitcoin a Bubble? Is this like the dot com boom and bust? A critical look at these ideas and more following the Crypto Market Report.


Crypto Markets are down across the board.

Bitcoin is seeing sub $2000 prices with Poloniex leading the exchanges on volume with the Ripple and Ether pairings on top. The Poloniex BTC/USDT pairing dropped as low as $1600 earlier today. Koreans are still paying a premium with Korean exchanges showing prices over $2400.


Looking at Ethereum, Korean exchanges are topping the volume charts with 30% the market volume and a price premium of $180. The latest news is that one of the biggest Chinese exchanges Huobi is adding Ether today.


Dash is back under $100 but just as bitcoin and Ethereum, Korean exchanges are trading at $120.


Most other coins and tokens are down 20-45%


There are many like it but I’m linking to a recent Forbes article that begs the question is Bitcoin a Bubble? I will attempt to answer it for bitcoin and crypto currencies at large. No, it is not a bubble. As we discussed in episode 208 of Neocash Radio, what you are seeing is the next stage of mass adoption, not the iphone in every hand stage but an earlier stage. Think the first wave of internet capable phones. You know the 1x years where internet was text based and highly pixelated. That’s the stage that crypto is in now. The User Interface of most clients is unrefined and strictly functional. Just installing the software for some coins requires a modicum of IT knowledge and confidence. It's rough, it's sometimes dirty, and it can be challenging but it works. It works so well that we have a massive influx of new users and new money.


The dot com bubble saw a rise in financing for a vast array of internet ideas and solutions. Many of which did not pan out. In that sense this is exactly like the dot com scenario. You have hundreds of blockchains competing for a piece of the future pie. Many of the projects have little more than a minimal viable product. Some have little more than a white paper. Many will fail and several others will usher in a new age of digital humanity.


There are many differences between the dot com era and today. For one, with many blockchains you have a level of transparency that allows anyone to scrutinize every transaction. Secondly, the software is open source and is often reviewed by numerous experts. Third, the core community is a tenacious, intelligent and often unforgiving. Many in the community have seen or felt the sting of a scam, rip off, or simply a bad trade. They will see the red flags and they will shout. There are very few places to hide and the fickle marketplace can giveth just as quickly as it taketh.


As I mentioned in the Crypto Market Report, Coinbase has had a massive influx of new accounts each potentially bringing with it a fiat to crypto transaction. The crypto markets are being flooded with fiat from many as of yet untapped sources like Korea, Japan, and Australia to name a few. JPMorgan, Toyota, and Fidelity are also investing in blockchain technology. This is not a bubble. It is the next wave of mass adoption. This trend will continue. This is my imperfect forward-looking assessment:


  • There will be a surge upward that generates news and attracts new money
  • New traders buy in pushing the trend higher
  • New heights cause a mix of euphoria and trepidation
  • The wave crests - a decline will happen locking most of the money in the market (who wants to sell for a loss right after getting in?)
  • Repeat but now those new traders are seeing gains - some cash out and are replaced by new money, some double up


Its organic, massive, and nigh unstoppable. Welcome to the future.


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We discuss the price rise and factors that may be causing it. And yet another warning to crypto traders and new users. Erik Voorhees brings SALT loans and prisms to the table when he is not shapeshifting. Prisms allow anyone to create mutual fund-like crypto EFTs. Gold and precious metals are legal tender once again in Arizona. Cryptonote based blockchains have a bug that allows infinite coins. Toyota wants some of that blockchain integration. JP Morgan looks to implement Zcash zkSNARKS.

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Can Rootstock save bitcoin from the depths of Mempool hell? Bitcoin’s market dominance has fallen. Poloniex pump and dump trends and a warning to crypto traders. Listener mail from NXT’s director of marketing. Shapeshift is going to switch to a smart contract model. Ethereum reaches 50% of bitcoin’s transaction volume. Enterprise Ethereum is going strong. TokenCard talk with a reddit AMA with the founder Mel Gelderman.

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Joël from DASH Force joins JJ and Darren in-studio for this bonus episode of Neocash Radio! We discuss his history with cryptocurrency and how he got to where he is now. We ask about what DASH Force News is and who is all involved. We talk about how someone could be paid by the DASH blockchain. Other topics include: History of DASH and the DASH DAO, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and much more on this bonus episode!

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Joel from Dash Force joins us in-studio. Bitfinex hires a 3rd Party auditor to gain confidence among critics. Ethereum-based Mysterium platform aims to decentralize VPN services. The Federal Reserve’s Federal Funds Rate climbs to 0.9%. The Australian Government has deregulated digital currencies repealing the goods and services tax. Peter Todd questions the security of Zcash due to his participation. We talk DASH news and what it’s like to work for a blockchain. Darren has written and published a paper offering up a new solution to on-chain scaling. Is the market caps good measure of a digital currencies potential? The life and price of Bitcoin.

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Venezuelans rebel as Maduro grabs power. Onecoin ponzi scheme members arrested in India. South Korean Bitcoin Exchange Yapizon Hacked for 3816 BTC. TokenCard ICO both went well and had some bugs. We also discuss the potential that a crypto backed coin could have. German energy giant uses the Ethereum blockchain to charge cars. United Nations World Food Program uses the Ethereum blockchain to distribute food assistance. After talking about the Proof of Stake platforms NXT and Ardor we discuss the criticisms of such a consensus method. Ethereum is being searched a lot more on Google lately. JP Morgan Chase leaves the R3 Consortium, remains in Ethereum Enterprise Alliance.

All this and more on the Neocash Radio podcast, episode 205 — Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017!

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