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Episode 162--The Brexit Happened, Now What?

The Brexit happened, now what?  Negative interest rates take hold in Switzerland.  No clear crypto leader.  

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Neocash Radio - Episode 155

Neocash Radio was right about Dr. Craig Wright last December. BitPay offers a bitcoin based pre-paid VISA card. 21 Inc. wants to make everything a bitcoin machine but that may have issues. The DAO has been the 3rd most successful crowdfunding operation so far. TOR users beware, the FBI will target you. Liberty Reserve founder sentenced to 20 years. Saudi Oil Chief fired by Saudi King. Venezuela and Zimbabwe round out the international news. 


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Curt joins us and answers questions about the "first crypto war."  We thank Curt for his perspective.  For more information be sure to check out Curt's blog.

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Episode 75

The European Central Bank puts euro-zone banks through a stress test. CNET creator Halsey Minor creates a Bitcoin reserve bank. China is back in the bitcoin news. Lamassu Bitcoin Ventures adds compliance features to their Bitcoin Machines. Sidechains and Blockstream create endless opportunities. Apple Pay compared to Bitcoin. The health of the Bitcoin community.

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With interest rates at lows, stocks at highs and precious metals not going anywhere really, Darren discusses price fixing in Venezuela, the Federal Reserve, and the hope ethereum could engender.  Darren also points to the discussion of bitcoin's scalability, as well as stresses exposed concerns about Tor network vulnerabilities.   

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Neocash Radio Episode 60

Darren is in the studio with Elizabeth. JJ joins us via Skype from the road.  BlackCoin and Proof of Stake. BlackHalo/BitHalo offering a decentralized solutions. International news including Mexico, Bulgaria, and the BRICS nations. Coinbase enabling automated discounts.

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Darren is in the studio while JJ skypes from the road! Bitcoin anonymity is more robust with the new Dark Wallet. The Department of Defense wants analysis as to whether the Bitcoin protocol is a terrorist threat. A new bitcoin start-up in China is bringing Bitcoin ATMs to the masses and finding ways around the bank bans. Argentina's residents are adopting bitcoin faster than most other countries as the Peso plummets. Josh Wise finishes 20th at the Talladega 499 in the Dogecoin car.

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