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Neocash Radio Episode 61

Dell to accept bitcoin. BitLicense is being talked about as a means of making bitcoin “safe”. China based OKcoin, Bitcoin exchange, to accept dollar deposits once again. INNCoin.  A look at the economic and environmental costs of the Bitcoin network relative to traditional markets.

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Neocash Radio Episode 59

Darren is in the studio and JJ joins the show from the road. Darren talks about his experience at PorcFest and how bitcoin was once again a major currency for buying products and services. Also CEO Patrick Byrne gave a keynote speech at the event and later announced on Free Talk Live his desire to give special deals to vendors that accept payment in bitcoin as well as possibly paying his employees in bitcoin. Venture Capitalist Tim Draper wins the US Marshall Auction for seized Silk Road funds. There ain’t no such thing as an ASIC resistant mining algorithim. Chicago Sun Times makes history. Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF moved forward. Both Coinbase and BitPay are offering enhanced security features. NewEgg accepts bitcoin.

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Jerry broke into the studio, and called JJ.  He knew that Darren would be a porcfest this week, so he took the initiative.  Jerry proceeds to advertise his patented technology.  Jerry explains that buying low and selling high can increase your wealth no mater what it is that you're buying low or selling high.  It's unclear on how Jerry will cash in on his patent. 

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Jerry explains moving to New Hampshire after loosing the farm back in Tennessee.  He laments some of his decisions when it comes to New Mexicans.  He is not bashful expressing his opinion of New Mexicans.  Jerry pines for older simpler ways.  It's always fun to have Jerry on the show.  You never know what he's going to say.  This is a rebroadcast originally released last year.  This clip has earned the title "classic."

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Darren is in the studio and JJ skypes in from the road. Central Banks are buying equities. US Marshall Offices are selling the bitcoins seized from Silk Road. GHash.IO reached 50% of the hashing power -- Bitcoin dev Peter Todd sells half of his bitcoin and Bitfury pulls 1.5 PH/s from GHash.IO in response. Expedia and Kings College in New York start accepting bitcoin. Credit card breach at PF Changs. Host Darren is interviewed for a Forbes article. Venezuela is in trouble with bond holders and is having shortages. Next week is PorcFest, an important festival for Bitcoin enthusiasts, and Neocash Radio will be trying to have some content up for our listeners in lue of a full show.

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Darren is in the studio and JJ skypes from the road. GHash.IO is causing concern with 47% of the Bitcoin hashrate. Bitcoin is allowing financial independence for girls in Afghanistan. Paypal drops mangatraders from service and Bitcoin picks up the slack. Apple changed AppStore guidelines to include "approved virtual currencies". European Central Banks issue negative interests rates for deposits. The Lakota Nation creates MazaCoin for their version of a sovereign digital currency. Vitalik Buterin wins the Thiel Fellowship award. Erik Voorhees settles with the SEC.

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Neocash Radio Episode 55 -- Remittance, Argentina, Kenya, extortion, and more

Host of darker shade of liberty, Daniel, joins Darren in the studio.  Also JJ skypes in for a discussion.  Daniel discuses remitence in conjunction with bitcoin possibilities.  JJ disscusses the future of Bitcoin.  New company focuses on remittance to Kenya.  Dish network becomes largest retailer to accept bitcoin.  Argentina defies central bank gets its own bitcoin exange.  Belgium made a strange purchase of US treasuries.  There was also a market wrap up, and mining discussion.  



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Episode 54-- Taper, Yuan, and Bitcoin price rise (oh my)

The Federal Open Monetary Committee continues to taper. Chinese yuan/Russian ruble is used to settle trades. Roger Ver offers a bounty to catch a hacker who was attacking him. The bitcoin price up over 20% this week. Bitcoin interest in Estonia and other countries. Coinotron has around 50% of litecoin hashing power.

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Neocash Radio Episode 53

Darren is in the studio and JJ joins the podcast from the road. Darren covers the traditional markets. Toshiba partners with BitPay to offer bitcoin on the VisualTouch Point of Sale software. The Bitcoin Foundation sees members quit over the vote to elevate Brock Pierce to the top position. Gavin Andresen talks about how the blocks in Bitcoin's blockchain need to grow rather than simply raising the transaction fee requirement.  

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Neocash Radio episode 52

Venezuelan economic woes come to a head with food rations.  Russia aims to charge Visa and Mastercard $3.8 billion dollars to do business in Russia, in response to Visa and Mastercard not servicing Russian banks.  Several new merchants accept bitcoin including Cheapair expanding the products it offers for bitcoin. 

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