Neocash Radio (podcast)
Neocash Radio - Episode 87

Commodity markets stable with Gold and Silver gaining a little bit.  Oil hangs in there under $50/barrel.  OKcoin cards available in South Korea.  Was Mark Kerpeles involved in silk road?  Obama joins fight against encryption.  Small shops in Argentina refuse to use credit cards for one day.  Russia (unsuccessfully) blocks or bans five websites.  The ECB is still talking about qualitative easing again. The Swiss Franc is no longer pegged to the Euro and has seen a jump in strength. The Price of Bitcoin falls as miners try to sell.

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Neocash Radio - Episode 86

Roger Ver denied visa to US. installs bitcoin ATM and offers to pay employees in Bitcoin. News from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Brazil and Venezuela. BitStamp was hacked last weekend and is back online following a few days of worry. Darren will be presenting at Liberty Forum in New Hampshire. The Price of Bitcoin and 'Why is the price as high as it is?'

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Neocash Radio - Episode 85

Oil down and going lower. First "coinfest" to be hosted in Russia.  Reports that Bitstamp is slow processing withdraws.  Listeners of this episode may enjoy this Linkedin article we discussed.  Alleged scam involving paybase and paycoin.  Cody Wilson promotes ending the bitcoin foundation with strong language.

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North Carolina State College wins the first ever Bitcoin Bowl. Brawker lets you by most anything with bitcoin. Ecuador starts to distribute their own digital currency via SMS. Deflation in the EURO zone causes an uptick in commerce. Russia may be less restrictive on bitcoin while price inflation takes hold. What is a derivative? 

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Special Guest Chris Pacia joins us and discusses the Bitcoin Authenticator project. Time inc. accepts bitcoin.  Cody Wilson running for Bitcoin foundation board.  Follow up on Russian ruble troubles.  Crypto-extortion with TorrentLocker virus.  Speculation of an attack on the Tor network.  Charlie Shrem takes a plea.  Bitcoin network may allow communication that can't be censored.  Negative interest rates for the Swiss Frank, and general Euro situation assessment.

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Russian trouble Ruble at a new low.  Russia raises interest rates.  The bitcoin climate in Russia including crackdown on businesses.  Crude oil down along with the gulf states stock market.  White hat hacker returns bitcoins to  Internet and censorship.  Silver Eagles selling at record for 2014.

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Neocash Radio extends a hearty welcome to Zach from Lamassu.  Dow hits a new record.  Zach discusses his thoughts on the bitcoin ecosystem.  Bitcoin integrated into Romanian payment processor.  Hating on mastercard hating.  Bitreserve includes gold an an option. pulled from over security concerns.  UK internet porn filter catches watchdog group.

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Beau Davis joins us for a special episode.  Beau is famous for filming and editing 101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire.  This film highlights the advantages of moving to and living in New Hampshire.  This movie is professionally and beautifully presented by Beau.  Neocash Radio is honored to host Beau for this special content. 

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Beau Davis joins JJ and Darren in the studio.  Russian ruble falls to under 50 rubles per dollar. Oil falls under $70.  Bitcoin as a humanitarian tool.  Can gold be in a 6000 year bubble?  Three old failed currencies.  Kracken will purchase Mt. Gox?  Western union makes IP claim.  Cancer patients are getting their drugs through the darknet.

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Conference in New York.  Weedbush and Buttercoin partnership.  50,000 bitcoin US martial auction.  Belgium and Finland rule there is no VAT tax applied to bitcoin.  Similar name to MtGox?  Vitalik wins world technology award. China slashes interest rates.  China intervenes in Argentinian markets.  Bitcoin foundation reduces scope.

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