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Neocash Radio - Episode 115

Steel is cheaper than cabbage in China. Reddit user buys pizza internationally. The FDA and e-cigs. Greece news, Venezuela new. Mark Karpeles arrested by Japanese police. Ethereum has launched. 

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Neocash Radio - Episode 114

Windows users need to upgrade OS for bitcoin safety. under attack by US Government. Gold at a five year low. The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco doesn't like competition. The latest Greek news. BRICS nations to provide security for Iran.

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Neocash Radio - Episode 113

BRICS nations met for a Summit this past week. RC4 security vulnerability may affect bitcoin users. Greek news wrap-up for the week. Socialized losses for Litecoin margin traders. The bitcoin blockchain debate still sees no consensus.

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Neocash Radio - Episode 112

Neocash News Short. JJ talks about the situation in Greece and the latest developments. Bitcoin price pressure from Greece and China as the Chinese Stock Market continues to tumble. Litecoin may be under the influence of a ponzi scheme as the price climbs. 

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Neocash Radio - Episode 111

Bitcoin Users are urged to upgrade their bitcoin core software to version 0.10 or higher. Chinese stock market loses 1.5 trillion Pounds in value. More hype about the Federal Reserve raising interest rates. Greece may be forced into another bail-in "haircut" for accounts holding more than 8000 euros. Bitcoin miners building bad blocks cause a little concern but things are well on the way to returning to normal.

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Neocash Radio - Episode 110

This episode was pre-recorded. We discuss the implications of perverse incentives when it comes to Student Loans, Drugs, Police, and more!

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Neocash Radio - Episode 109

UK residents are encouraged to hold onto more cash. A college student has his life savings of $11,000 taken by the DEA and not charged with a crime. The first movie to accept bitcoin for theater tickets. Silk Road Investigator and Secret Service agent pleads guilty to charges. A bank run may be occurring in Greece. The Blockchain debate gets input from Chinese miners. JJ and Beau will be at Porcfest this coming week so look for a prerecorded show next Sunday

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The Zimbabwe dollar is on its final leg. The New York BitLicense is causing businesses to avoid the empire. Crowd funding used to fund war in Ukraine. BitReserve drops their fees. Openbazaar gets funding. Terrorism charges for a 17-year-old boy in Virginia. 

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Neocash Radio - Episode 107

The Foundation for Economic Education claims Venezuela's annual inflation rate is up over 500%. The New York Stock Exchange chairman talks bitcoin. New Jersey has a pro-bitcoin bill. US Federal government hacked, China is suspected. Bail-in rules required by European Union. 

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Neocash Radio - Episode 106

BitStamp announces a bitcoin debit card for Europeans. The Internal Revenue Service gets hacked and exposes 100,000 individuals. Businesses in Venezuela are switching over to US Dollars. The Ethereum test net suffered a fork. is recommending Android users update their apps to solve a duplicate address issue. The Bitcoin Block Size debate continues. The BRICS nations are creating a bank. 

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