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Neocash Radio Episode 69

New Hampshire State Senate candidate George Lambert is in studio. Alt-coin prices are on the rise again. Venezuela monetary inflation estimated to be over 63%. HeliosCard is a debit card that can send digital signatures. is hiring bitcoin developers.

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Darren talks about his recent experience with Linux. Apple iCloud hacked and celebrity photos stolen. Dogecoin and Litecoin accepted for airfare. BitLicenses in UK. The core principles of Bitcoin. Canada companies paying salaries in Bitcoin. Indonesia has more bitcoin options available now.

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Neocash Radio Episode 67

Argentina set to print a lot of pesos to manage debts. A trading bot is running wild on BTC-e. Charlie Shrem takes a plea deal. Ecuador and India round out the show with monetary policy news.

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With interest rates at lows, stocks at highs and precious metals not going anywhere really, Darren discusses price fixing in Venezuela, the Federal Reserve, and the hope ethereum could engender.  Darren also points to the discussion of bitcoin's scalability, as well as stresses exposed concerns about Tor network vulnerabilities.   

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Episode 65

Bitcoin acceptance keeps increasing. Bitfenix had a margin call cascade. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issues an advisory about bitcoin. Open Bazaar looks promising. Argentina has more good news for bitcoin users.

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Neocash Radio Episode 64

Bitcoin looks to help people in Africa. Britain is looking at regulating bitcoin as a currency. Buy precious metals with bitcoin. Bitcoin news about how the cryptocurrency is better than credit card transactions. Blocksign offers electronic signature services based off the blockchain. The Bitcoin Foundation talks to the NYDFS.

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Neocash Radio Episode 63

Corrections for the Ethereum release: Etheirum is expected out the first quarter 2015. Darren talks about his experience with cold storage and bitcoin. Argentina defaults on bond holders. to pay employees bonuses in bitcoin. Litecoin and Dogecoin merged mining.

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Gold Mine being sold for 3200 BTC in Canada. U.S. Median Household wealth has gone down since 2003. Ethereum starts Ether Pre-sale and buyer beware. South Korea and India look to start policies similar to the United States. Ecuador bans bitcoin and looks to start their own currency. Barry Silbert leaves Second Market to focus on Bitcoin ventures. Bitcoin Space opens in Buenos Aires to gather enthusiasts.

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Neocash Radio Episode 61

Dell to accept bitcoin. BitLicense is being talked about as a means of making bitcoin “safe”. China based OKcoin, Bitcoin exchange, to accept dollar deposits once again. INNCoin.  A look at the economic and environmental costs of the Bitcoin network relative to traditional markets.

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Neocash Radio Episode 60

Darren is in the studio with Elizabeth. JJ joins us via Skype from the road.  BlackCoin and Proof of Stake. BlackHalo/BitHalo offering a decentralized solutions. International news including Mexico, Bulgaria, and the BRICS nations. Coinbase enabling automated discounts.

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