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Neocash Radio - Episode 172

G20 news. Andreas Antonopoulos has a new book out. The state of Florida is confounded by bitcoin. Apple arbitrarily denies Dash from Jaxx wallet app. New TV show starting that focuses on cryptocurrencies. We going over some objections to Bitcoin. Puerto Rico misses payment on interest headed toward default on principle. US Army engaged in criminal accounting and possible money laundering. European Central banks just can't get enough money printing. Crisis-Torn Venezuelans Opt For Dash and Bitcoin. 51 crew attack low hash-power ethereum blockchains. The FBI wants to have access to everything, everywhere...

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Neocash Radio - Episode 171

The Federal Reserve is playing with interest rates. Steemit introduces promoted content and we are looking for a wallet to HLOD steem currencies off platform. Is Steemit decentralized? Civil asset forfeiture is too hard to give up for Police in New Mexico. Lots of Ethereum news, you should give a listen! Imagine if Ethereum and Steemit had a baby blockchain, you may end up with Synereo. One prominent Bitcoin Miner proclaims Blocksteam has won the Block-size debate and we lament the fall of Bitcoin. More details on Monero.

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Neocash Radio - Episode 170

California lawmakers shut down again by EFF. Golem releases code, advertised as the AirBnB for computing power. Poloniex delisting 27 altcoins. The state of Florida appeals the decision of a Miami Judge that ruled bitcoin was not money. $25 Million in DAO funds still unclaimed. Bitwala adds Dash and Steem to their Bitcoin wallet, Ethereum is on the way. A closer look at Bitcoin 0.13.0 and what it means. 5th Quill Studios launches with a great bitcoin explainer video. Germany warns it's citizens to stock up on food and water for an impending emergency. We take a first look at Monero.

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We discuss Hardware wallets, the massive US Debt, and the NSA might have been hacked. All this and more on episode 169, this August 21st, 2016

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Neocash Radio - Episode 168

This a huge episode where we talk about bitfinex, bitcoin security, SDR and the World Bank, China, Russia, Germany, Ethereum, ETC, Dash and More!!

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Neocash Radio - Bonus Episode

Darren, JJ, and Randy talk with Amanda B Johnson about Dash and how the blockchain is able to fund proposals.

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Neocash Radio - Episode 167

Randy joins us in studio. Bitfinex suffers a massive loss in bitcoins due to a hack and is talking about socialized losses. Barry Silbert announces a pump dump for ETC. Japan is the first to Quantitative Ease for stimulus. Kim dotcom announces Mega 2.0 and bitcache. Be on the look out fr fake bitcoin wallet applications on the Apple Store. The Brave browser may eliminate ads as we know them. Jaxx integrates Dash. We talk with Randy about a first look at Steemit.

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Neocash Radio - Episode 166

The Central Bank of Zimbabwe doesn't want people to use Bitcoin. A circuit court in Florida finds that Bitcoin is not money. Arcade City may have big issues. An update about Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and the almost religious zealotry found on reddit and the forums. Central banks are bracing for a crash or recession. EU may create a list of crypto-users.

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Neocash Radio - Episode 165

Bitcluster creates a database of bitcoin transactions. Scotcoin looks to be the next player on the altcoin craze. Ethereum Hardfork Review and the dregs of Ethereum Classic. Mycelium to add Dash by October. Coinbase adds Ethereum to their front end retail site. The shift from bitcoin dominance is happening. Caribbean banks feeling the sting of money laundering concerns.

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Neocash Radio - Episode 164

4th Amendment Caucus formed in US House. Britain's 10Y treasuries still offering negative interest rates. North Carolina add bitcoin to Money Transmitters Act. LBRY is live and trading on exchanges. Ethereum will hardfork in 3 days. Coinbase will add Ethereum to the Retail side.

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