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Jeremy Kauffman joins us in-studio to talk about

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Neocash Radio - Episode 123

Jeremy Kauffman joins us to talk about The first New York BitLicense is issued. 21 Inc. releases their first bitcoin miner. Bitcoin is ruled as a commodity. An international market update. Bitcoin patents are being applied for.


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Neocash Radio - Episode 122

We interview the leaders behind BitUnit in Ghana, Africa and talk about their upcoming conference. The Federal Reserve decides not to raise interest rates this month - hype has already begun that they will do so next month. Debt ceiling woes are clamoring once again. 9 big banks look to the blockchain technology.

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Neocash Radio - Episode 121

China looks to dump US treasuries and prepare a stimulus package. MT Gox CEO charged with embezzlement by Japanese Government. DDoS for Bitcoin is causing problems. MIT is offering two classes on Bitcoin Technology. The Isle of Mann loves bitcoin. The TSA has ruined security for your luggage. 

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Neocash Radio - Episode 120

Jeff Berwick has some newsletters to sell you. Darren hosts the Bitcoin Panel at the 2015 Keenevention featuring Gavin Andreesen. DDoS attack on XT nodes. Illinois' lottery is bankrupt. The NSA is seeking protection form quantum computing. Barclay's integrates with a bitcoin exchange to allow charities to accept bitcoin. 

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